Jim's Five Year Anniversary!!

Walking into the office on your first day in a new role and feeling like you already belong there is always a good sign. From the highly capable, but slightly eccentric, colleagues, to the proudly displayed Star Wars Lego, it quickly became evident that Network Scientific was the place for me. There have been a lot of changes here over the past five years; we’ve doubled in size and of course we’ve had to weather the COVID-19 storm (which has meant a move from office-based working to being largely home-based for the past year), but that feeling of being part of an incredibly tight-knit team is still there.

My role has also changed, from starting as a Business Consultant, finding new business for our clients as part of the Sales & Marketing Division, to trying my hand as a Recruitment Consultant (which has certainly increased my admiration for anyone who makes a career in recruitment) to working as the Business Development Manager securing new clients for the business as a whole.

There have been good days, there have been frustrating days, but there have never been any boring days. The work here is incredibly satisfying. Every day I speak to fascinating people. Scientists like to talk about their science and ‘geeking it up’ with someone about their latest project or new idea is never going to feel like effort. I’ve had conversations about the latest piece of analytical chemistry kit, maximising crop yields and even about oxidative stress testing in badgers. I’ve demonstrated the principles of TOF mass spectrometry by throwing tennis balls across the office. I’ve wrapped a colleague’s desk (and each of her possessions) in aluminium foil and been epically pranked in return.

Ultimately the fulfilment of working here comes from knowing that we’re all all pulling in the same direction. Whether it’s bringing scientific companies together so that they can collaborate and do business, sourcing high quality candidates for our recruitment clients or helping people to build their careers by assisting them in finding their next career move, we’re basically all on the same page. We’re helping science happen, every day.

Here’s to the next five years!

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