The Importance of Email Subject Lines

Subject lines are one of, if not, the most important part of your emails. The open rate of an email campaign is based on the amount of people that were interested enough by the subject of the email to open it.

Emails are opened based on for following five I’s;

  • Importance
  • Intrigue
  • Interest
  • Involvement
  • Investment

Basically, if the recipient feels that the email is worth their time and contains relevant and useful information. So keep this in mind when writing an effective subject line.

The best subject lines tell you what’s inside, the worst subject lines sell you what’s inside. Your subject line should indicate that there is timely and useful information inside the body of the email.

Another reason effective email subject lines are key, spam filters! Spam filters are programs integrated into email platforms such as Outlook that scan email subject lines and content and decide whether or not the email is relevant to the user, or something that will clog up their inbox. If your email makes it past the spam filters and into the recipients inbox, it can still get marked as spam manually if the subject isn’t right.

Email marketing software provider, Mailchimp, identified three words that might not get caught by spam filters but will negatively affect open rates. These are, Percent off, Reminder and Help, so these should be avoided at all costs.

Quick tips for successful subject lines

  • Don’t try too hard to grab the reader’s attention
  • Make sure that the emails you are sending are relevant to the recipient
  • Tell, don’t sell!
  • Stir up their curiosity to open your email
  • Go for shorter subjects – those below 40 characters perform much better that the longer ones!

Don’t forget to A/B test your subject lines in order to determine which ones will get you the best results. Sending different subject lines for the same mailshot will help you to see which ones get the better open rates, have the highest click through rates and convert the most sales.

Network Scientific can assist you with long or short-term email marketing campaigns. For more information give us a call on 01423 813520.

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