Why use Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a really important digital marketing tool that allows you to understand how customers are using your website in order to improve your it and future marketing campaigns.  It gives you a huge amount of information as to who is visiting your site, what they are looking for, and how they are getting on to your site.

Google Analytics is all about trends and can provide you with a lot of data including:

  • Who visits your website?

You can see a user’s geographical location as well as which browser they were using when they visited your site and what sort of device they used. Google Analytics also indicates which language the user speaks (if they translated the page into another language).

  • User interaction

If there is certain content that is engaging users more than others, you will be able to determine this using the data on Google Analytics. You will also be about to see how many users clicked on specific links and where the traffic is “dropping off” your site.

  • When they visit your site

Using Analytics, you can see which time of the day is the busiest for your website. Learning about the peak visit times for your website allows you to schedule your posts for key periods to get the most engagement.

  • Customer engagement

You can see which pages the users are visiting the most, which page is causing the users to leave most often and how many pages on average a user is viewing per session. You can also track conversions – so how well your site fulfils targeted objectives.

  • Acquisition

Google Analytics also allows you to see where the traffic is originating, i.e. which channels are directing traffic to your website. This includes organic search, paid search, social media, referrals and direct traffic. Google Analytics also shows you the breakdown of each traffic source.

  • Real Time

Google Analytics is set up so that you can access real time analytics, so that you can see how many people are on your site right now and what they are doing!

Whatever the user behaviour, you can learn a lot about your website as well as your target audience with Google Analytics data, and the best thing is that it’s free. All you have to do is sign up and apply a code (that Google Analytics gives you) to your website and it will monitor your pages and present you with the data.

At Network Scientific we can assist you with your Google Analytics, be it setting up Google Analytics on your website or analysing your current Google Analytics account to see where you could improve your site. To find out more, contact us on 01423 813520 and one of our consultants will be happy to help. 

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