Laboratories around the globe rely on LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) to coordinate data gathering, production, workload planning, inventory and a wide range of other functions. For almost any laboratory, having a well-specified and properly set-up LIMS in place to track the flow of quality data is a significant value-add to a business and is an essential component of lean operations. In certain highly-regulated sectors (for example the pharmaceutical and other GxP industries) an appropriate LIMS is a non-negotiable requirement when maintaining compliance.

Not unsurprisingly there are many different LIMS solutions on the market, some more general and others highly specialised to laboratories with a particular function. The LIMS industry can be highly lucrative, in particular SaaS solutions (software as a service) is a rapidly growing area, and the sector is becoming increasingly competitive with LIMS providers all constantly striving to stay at the leading edge of scientific software.

At Network Scientific, we have not only the scientific background to understand the requirements of LIMS clients (many of us are experienced LIMS users) but also the software sales experience to effectively help LIMS providers to secure new business. We understand your customers, what’s important to them and how to represent your business in a credible manner.

With a range of services including lead-generation, appointment setting, design and product launch we are ideally placed to provide either sales support and a single comprehensive sales and marketing solution for LIMS companies. 

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