With the price of analytical laboratory equipment starting at tens of thousands of pounds and climbing to dizzying heights, testing in-house simply isn’t financially viable for many scientific businesses.

This situation has naturally led to the growth of the contract research organisation, or CRO. CROs specialise in carrying out the testing and research that underpins advances in scientific research, drug development, production and many others. CROs cover a vast array of scientific disciplines including pharmaceutical testing, microbiology, agri-food, chemical testing and a great many others.

CROs operate by winning and servicing client contracts and the markets they operate in are highly competitive. This means that for a CRO business development is absolutely vital.

At Network Scientific, some of our longest standing clients are CROs. They know that they can trust us to chase relentlessly for the new business that they need to survive and prosper.

By generating leads and securing sales meetings we are assisting our clients in increasing their market share and thus both growing and protecting their bottom line. In addition to this, our market research services enable our clients to make sure they have the edge over their competitors.

To find out more about how Network Scientific can help your CRO to grow, contact us today.

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