Prospect Database Creation, Cleansing & Management

Prospect Database Creation, Cleansing & Management

Customer information is forever changing. People leave, move to another part of the company or retire and these changes need to be reflected in your database.

Typically, over one-third of your database will be out of date if a data cleanse is not done within a 12-month period. It is a time-consuming task for your sales team to undertake and update this information, so why not use our team of Business Consultants at Network Scientific to identify these changes allowing more time for your people to make those all-important sales?

Our team of industry experienced Business Consultants can work with you in a variety of ways to help you achieve and dramatically improve your team’s productivity with an up-to-date contact list.

This can be achieved through an effective telephone campaign. By providing our telemarketers with your current customer data list, we will proactively make calls, acting on behalf of your business, to all of your customers. We act as an extension to your internal sales team. Our team identify changes in contact details such as staff name, job title, movers, telephone numbers and email addresses. To ensure that these calls are not wasted, we feel it is most effective when we treat these conversations as an account management call rather than just a question and answer call. 

Not only will we confirm and update your data records, we can also use these calls to promote a service or product and through conversation can gain a better understanding of any potential current or future requirements that we immediately filter back to your internal sales team to make direct contact.

Creation of New Database

Before we even begin to build a data list for our clients, it is important that we get a greater understanding of your business and fully appreciate what you are wishing to achieve long term. Once you have provided us more details of your ideal customer profile, we will use our extensive industry knowledge and experience to identify your target audience to collate a strong set of data consisting of contact names, job titles, telephone numbers and email address. This can be done in a variety of ways, including the data sharing option that we provide all of our clients when we work with them (non-competing) as well as internet searches using platforms such as LinkedIn to target key decision makers.

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