Event Management

Event Management

Events are a high-risk gamble: done right they can be a business-development goldmine, but get it wrong and they can turn into a black-hole for your finances.

Events represent a significant investment of time and money; good promotion and follow-up is essential to ensuring that events generate the return on investment that your business needs. Network Scientific exhibit throughout the year at various events and we have the skills to make your event experience a worthwhile one.

Whether you are exhibiting at a trade show or planning on organising your own event, our team of consultants have all the industry expertise you will need to help ensure you generate interest and turn that interest into new business. From promoting the event to post-event follow-up calls to prospects, we can provide as much or as little assistance as your business requires. Need someone to come and run your stand for you? We can even do that.

Typical deliveries of a Network Scientific event promotion campaign include;

  • Market identification and research
  • Telemarketing campaign to qualify and invite potential attendees
  • Conducting follow-up calls to confirm receipt of invitation and gauge interest
  • Registration management
  • Final reminder calls to minimise ‘no-shows’
  • Post-Event telemarketing

Contact us to find out more about how we can take away all the stress of event management.

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