We prefer to work as part of your team as your outsourced sales and marketing department and will represent your business in an ethical and professional manner, with honesty and integrity being at the heart of our core principles.

What our clients value most is our industry knowledge, experience and commercial focus that we bring to their business.

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our science agencies new team members
Our Continuously Growing Science Agency!

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Get to know our new team members here at Network Scientific.

DNA structure - Latest discoveries in DNA
The Latest Discoveries in DNA

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Watson and Crick first discovered the structure of DNA in 1952, using a technique called X-ray crystallography created by Rosalind Franklin. This revealed the helical shape of the DNA molecule.

laboratory waste
Improve the Sustainability of your Laboratory

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To support environmental protection, we have compiled a list of suggestions to improve the sustainability of your laboratory.

Case Studies

See below for case studies of past client projects we have worked on, the services our client utilised and the outcomes of the campaigns

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