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Where would we be without Google and other search engines? In as little as a few clicks, we can find information, businesses and products that relate to our search query. Internet searching is part of every day life; This is why it’s important to make sure your business is ranking highly in the results.

Many professionals in the scientific and technical sectors choose their suppliers, testing providers and any other services and goods by conducting online research.

When a user is conducting a search that contains your keywords, they’ve recognised their need for a product or service, and are usually in a position to purchase or make a decision. It is at this stage that your brand needs to convince and convert that interest into a sale.

You can ensure you’re in with a good chance of appearing for search queries that are relevant to your business by employing SEO techniques throughout your website, or by putting aside some ad spend to create paid search campaigns.


A technique of optimising your own website content with keywords, backlinks and other technical features to enhance your google search ranking organically.


A way to ensure you are located on the first page of search results for certain search terms by utilising your own budgeted ad spend.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Optimising your website is key if you don’t have the budget to spend on paid search. We can still ensure your website is targeting relevant key search terms by employing a variety of SEO techniques.

We can link SEO to our website management and content marketing services; we ensure that when we compose fresh content for your website, it is optimised to target keywords that rank in Google and other search engines.

As part of our SEO service, we can also overhaul your current website content. Analysing it’s ranking for searches you specify, to ensure that it is in line with Google’s and other search engine’s algorithms. Whilst also identifying new ways to increase your company website’s SEO score.

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PPC with Google Ads

Google Ads is a form of pay-per-click advertising, it is a great way to keep your business at the top of google and other search engines for directly related search enquiries.

By securing a top spot, you can direct more traffic to your website with the guaranteed knowledge that a user has searched for something relating to your business. These relevant website visitors are much more likely to convert into sales.

When implemented correctly, paid search can be a lucrative marketing channel to bring in prospects, promote your products and convert interest. We can assist with the planning, creation, monitoring and reporting of ongoing Google Ad campaigns.

With our scientific knowledge of the industry and target markets, combined with our marketing expertise, we can help you identify search terms that will help your business grow and create ads that convert into leads.

Want to reach the top of search engines?

If you’re interested in either of these services and want to increase your presence on Google, we can help.


Google Ads creation

We ensure your Google Ads look the part and drive the traffic they need to in order to meet your aims. We have years of experience managing ad campaigns throughout the technical and scientific industries.


What Our Clients Say

"Network Scientific have supported us for a number of years with our Sales and Marketing. They work with us closely and understand our business and customer base. They are like an extension to our business rather than a separate company and they have the expertise to guide and advise us. I would highly recommend them to other businesses." — Technical Director, Microbiology Testing Company

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