What we offer

A good understanding of the marketplace is a fundamentally important driver of commercial success. Network Scientific can carry out the market research that you need to give your business the edge.

Knowledge of the marketplace is absolutely instrumental in formulating your business’s offering – you’ve got to know what your customers want in order to be able to sell it to them! Also markets constantly evolve in response to innovation or new legislation, for example. Network Scientific can develop and deliver market research strategies that will deliver real insight into the requirements of your target market, or markets. 

We use a wide range of channels to maximise information capture and use these data to build a highly detailed report which will inform and hone your marketing strategy and sales activities. Our market research can help you to understand whether that new piece of legislation on the horizon, or that novel analytical technique, is a challenge to be overcome or an opportunity to be exploited.

At Network Scientific we regularly carry out market research at the request of our clients. 

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Understanding your Market

You need to understand the features of what you’re selling and how those features translate into benefits for you target market. This means you need to understand that market, including have an appreciation of the pain-points that your product or service addresses.


What Our Clients Say

"We have tried several different ways of growing our business and this year we decided to try Network Scientific as we were frustrated with the low success rate of our internal sales team. We have been delighted with the rate of lead generation and the quality of them. The Network Scientific team are very knowledgeable in our field of Mass Spectrometry Lab support and services and are very professional in their dealings with us and our potential customers. We intend to use Network Sci on another upcoming project and continue with our current one. Highly recommended!!" - BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR, MASS SPECTROMETRY LAB SUPPORT AND SERVICES

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