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Customer information is forever changing; businesses close, others open, decision-makers leave or move to other positions within the company. The sooner these changes are reflected in your database or CRM, the more valuable your data becomes.

Typically, over one-third of your database will be out of date if a data cleanse is not done within 12 months of initial data capture. This is also an ongoing duty for as long as you intend to use the data. 

Prospect database management and cleansing

With our Business Consultants, we can identify changes and cleanse your data, giving your team more time to focus on making those all-important sales. 

Our team of industry-experienced Consultants can cleanse your data, manage your prospects and update your contacts. This increases your team’s productivity and business success with the provision of an accurate contact database. 


Don't have a database of your own?

Prospect Database Creation

If you don’t have a database of your own for us to clean and update, it’s not a problem. We can build one for you from scratch. SImply tell us the kind of prospects you want to approach and we’ll do the rest. 

When devising databases, we will work alongside you to ensure we have a good understanding of your business and target markets. We will gather information relating to your ideal customer profile and use our extensive industry knowledge and experience to collate strong prospect data. 

This will consist of company name, location, contact names, job titles, telephone numbers, email addresses, and include any other information you require. 

Is there specific organisations you wish to work with but don’t know where to start? Our company mapping services can provide and source the necessary information you require to ensure the best chance of conversion when introducing your products and services.

Once that’s done, we can even contact the prospects sourced on your behalf to generate qualified sales leads for your business as well as continue ongoing prospect database management.

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Follow up on leads

Always follow up with all of your leads! There's nothing worse than losing out on a strong prospect due to not following up after initial contact.


What Our Clients Say

"Network Scientific have supported us for a number of years with our Sales and Marketing. They work with us closely and understand our business and customer base. They are like an extension to our business rather than a separate company and they have the expertise to guide and advise us. I would highly recommend them to other businesses." - TECHNICAL DIRECTOR, MICROBIOLOGY TESTING COMPANY

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