What we offer

At Network Scientific we have unparalleled experience in running lead generation campaigns for clients across a wide variety of scientific, technical and engineering fields. Whether you are selling products, services or a mix of both, we have the expertise necessary to not only identify short term opportunities but also to build your sales pipeline. Whether you are looking to sell into new sectors or further develop sectors where you are already actively selling, our lead generation service is the perfect complement to your sales and marketing activity.

Our telephone-based lead generation campaigns have proven their value to our clients time and again (for more information take a look at our Case Studies). We will consult with you to build and scope an effective campaign, identify relevant prospects and contact those prospects on your behalf to discuss your business’s offering and drive interest.

When we identify a prospect with an immediate interest we can either arrange a call or book an appointment to enable you to close the sale from an already warm position. In the case of longer term leads we log the prospect’s interest and feed it into your sales pipeline enabling the prospect to be kept warm until you close the sale.

We report leads based on criteria that you set. Whether you are seeking prospects who have a passing interest fit for future development, or want a commitment to buy within a set timeframe, we can accommodate you. When we report leads we always ensure that they are relevant, presented with full contact details of decision makers or significant influencers to make further contact and development easy and painless.

Typical deliverables of a Network Scientific lead generation campaign include:

  • Appointments with short term prospects
  • Details of longer term prospects
  • Requests for quotes
  • A cleansed prospect database
  • A log of sales (for example laboratory consumables)
  • Consent for further contact by digital means for GDPR purposes

At Network Scientific we’re always honest with our clients so we never promise results before we run a campaign. However, it’s worth knowing that typically we generate between 2 and 5 qualified leads per day of calling. Multiply that by your average order value and it’s easy to see that a Network Scientific lead generation campaign has the potential to deliver a fantastic return on investment.

Many companies spend money on digital and print advertising in the hope that their prospects will see their adverts and get in touch. The problem with this approach is that adverts are passive. They don’t go out looking for prospects. They don’t work to understand your prospects’ needs and tailor their pitch accordingly. They don’t adapt to your prospects’ changing circumstances within an evolving marketplace. For truly proactive, agile and effective sales and marketing your business needs Network Scientific.

Our clients consider Network Scientific lead generation to be fundamental to their proactive sales and marketing. Contact us to find out why.


Understanding product features

You need to understand the features of what you’re selling and how those features translate into benefits for your target market. This means you need to understand that market, including have an appreciation of the pain-points that your product or service addresses.


What Our Clients Say

"Network Scientific are a great team and provide a really useful lead generation service. All of the leads obtained were sound and remembered their interaction, demonstrating Network Scientific's effective cold calling approach." - GENERAL MANAGER, ANALYTICAL CHEMICAL INSTRUMENT MANUFACTURER

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