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Social Media, for some a sea of content, others a way to stay connected with friends and family. It is undeniable that social media has completely shifted the online landscape and changed how humanity uses the internet, for better or for worse! 

As a sales and marketing consultant, I am also acutely aware of the marketing potential of websites with billions of active users, every single day. Although an occasional irritation, I will put my hands up and admit I have made multiple purchases based on adverts on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. 48% of social media users have purchased items advertised to them in the past.  

Here are a few key reasons why scientific businesses should be taking advantage of social media marketing and generating traffic and leads for less. 

Targeting your key audience 

Like Liam Neeson in Taken, it’s important to use a “particular set of skills” to find the right people. By taking advantage of the huge number of metrics and data available through social media and online advertising in general, you will be able to direct your services and products to those who it would actually interest.  

Scientific instrumentation and lab services are only going to be purchased by a specific subset of social media users. So, by sharing content applicable to them and employing relevant hashtags, you can connect directly with potential customers. Remember, the first step to any sale is to remind customers of what they are missing, and direct communication is how to achieve that first step. 

Key campaign requirements:

Prospect Database Creation – specifically focussed on the UK market, including Ireland.

Telemarketing – To generate sales leads and those individuals who wanted further contact from the client to discuss novel food testing requirements for CBD products

Telephone Appointment Setting – So that the client could further demonstrate the benefits of their services over their competitors.

The Delivery

We worked with the client to compile an extensive prospect list of appropriate companies and contact details of relevant decision makers. These individuals were then contacted by phone on behalf of the client to make the initial company introduction. For those contacts where we were unable to make contact via phone, we sent an email from the client’s domain as if we were employees of the business, to introduce the services. All conversations and email correspondence were recorded and presented back to the client in weekly reports.

The Feedback

The overall outcome of the initial campaign was exceedingly positive, and the client was really happy with the results. The vast awareness of the clients offering and the sector they wanted to target, was essential in influencing the success of this lead generation campaign. The standout metric from this campaign has to be the average number of leads generated per day: 2.79.

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