Jack Lonergan / Sales Executive

Jack joined the team in 2020, after completing his MSc in Biochemistry and Drug Design at the University of Leeds. His strong scientific background, alongside years of experience in Optical Sales, have translated well into his career as one of our Sales Executives.

As a proactive learner, Jack analyses clients to fine detail, allowing for a bespoke service and further development of his scientific knowledge. He injects his enthusiasm and fervour for improvement into every call and prides himself on achieving as much as possible, in every situation. He has developed experience in a wide range of campaigns, but has found a niche within medical diagnostics and analytical/capital instrumentation, where he can apply the knowledge and skills developed during his academic career.

Outside of work, Jack enjoys going on hikes, working out at the gym and on occasion hitting the slopes on a pair of skis. (He is admittedly neither coordinated nor cool enough to snowboard).
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