Jim Watts / Business Development Manager

Jim is the Business Development Manager at Network Scientific with responsibility for bringing new clients on board for our recruitment, sales & marketing and design services. When Jim isn’t on the road visiting prospective clients, he is on the phone speaking with people from across the scientific and technical community about how Network Scientific can help their businesses grow.

A self-confessed geek and ‘student of all sciences’, Jim hugely enjoys providing technical training and mentorship to colleagues and has an… eccentric teaching style. He has been known to explain how mass spectrometers work by throwing tennis balls down a corridor

Prior to his life in sales, Jim has held several scientific roles in areas including haematology & transfusion science, forensics, molecular biology and biotechnology research.

Jim has a BSc (Hons) in Natural Science with Biology from The Open University. In his spare time he is a martial artist, sci-fi geek and wannabe sushi chef. He is rapidly becoming a connoisseur of service stations on the A1.

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